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Wreck | Definition of Wreck by Merriam-Webster
Noun. This car has never been in a wreck. The stress of her final exams made her a wreck. Dad was a nervous wreck on the day I had my surgery.. Verb. I wrecked my mother's car. Many houses were wrecked by the hurricane. The affair wrecked his marriage. Bad weather wrecked our vacation.
Wreck | Define Wreck at
a vessel in a state of ruin from disaster at sea, on rocks, etc. the ruin or destruction of anything: the wreck of one's hopes. a person of ruined health; someone in bad shape physically or mentally: The strain of his work left him a wreck.
Wreck Synonyms, Wreck Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
1 the portion or bits of something left over or behind after it has been destroyed . found the wreck of the ship lying on the floor of the ocean
Wreck - definition of wreck by The Free Dictionary
b. The remains of something that has been wrecked, especially an automobile that has crashed: walked away unharmed from the wreck.
Wreck Synonyms, Wreck Antonyms |
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wreck - Wiktionary
Something or someone that has been ruined. He was an emotional wreck after the death of his wife. Synonym: basket case, mess· The remains of something that has been severely damaged or worn down. Cowper To the fair haven of my native home, / The wreck of what I was, fatigued I come.· An event in which something is damaged through collision ...
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Wreck by Fleur Ferris - Goodreads
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Shipwreck - Wikipedia
A shipwreck is the remains of a ship that has wrecked, which are found either beached on land or sunken to the bottom of a body of water. Shipwrecking may be deliberate or accidental. In January 1999, Angela Croome estimated that there have been about three million shipwrecks worldwide (an estimate rapidly endorsed by UNESCO and other organizations
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