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Wondered | Define Wondered at
Wondered definition, to think or speculate curiously: to wonder about the origin of the solar system. See more.
Wondered - definition of wondered by The Free Dictionary
They wondered about human nature, human passions, human hopes and fears, the struggles, triumphs and defeats, the cares and joys and sorrows, the lives and deaths of common men and women
Wondered Synonyms, Wondered Antonyms |
Miss Milbrey wondered somewhat; but her mind was easy, for her resolution had been taken. As they walked single-file through the narrowing of a drift, she wondered about him.
Wandered - definition of wandered by The Free Dictionary
Synonyms: wander, ramble, roam, rove 1, range, meander, stray, gallivant, gad 1 These verbs mean to move about at random or without destination or purpose. Wander and ramble stress the absence of a fixed course or goal: The professor wandered down the hall lost in thought. "They would go off together, rambling along the river" (John Galsworthy). Roam and rove emphasize freedom of movement ...
Use wondered in a sentence | wondered sentence examples
I wondered why you asked me to look for it. She wondered what he meant. She wondered again what he was that he was so strong. In fact, virtually everyone should have wondered why he was fighting soldiers from places he couldn't find on a map. She wondered if he knew what she saw. She wondered again ...
Wonder | Definition of Wonder by Merriam-Webster
Noun. The Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world. This new computer is a technological wonder. The child's eyes were filled with wonder during the trip to the circus. We watched the fireworks show with wonder and amazement. She gazed up at the tall buildings in wonder. Is it any wonder why this movie is so popular?. Verb
Wondered - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
Yesterday we met a woman riding on a little jackass, and she had a little child in her arms-- honestly, I thought the child had goggles on as we approached, and I wondered how its mother could afford so much style.
WONDER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
wonder definition: 1. to ask yourself questions or express a wish to know about something: 2. used in phrases, at the beginning of a request, to make it more formal and polite: 3. to feel or express great surprise at something: . Learn more.