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Variable | Definition of Variable by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective. This one may be the most highly variable depending on the individual. — Carolyn L. Todd, SELF, "Exactly How Often You Really Need to See Different Kinds of Doctors," 17 Jan. 2019 Their best attempt came with variable valve timing (VVT), which could change its timing on the fly, bringing car engines a little closer to having the best of all worlds.
Variables in Your Science Fair Project
What are Variables? Scientists try to figure out how the natural world works. In doing so, they use experiments to search for cause and effect relationships.Cause and effect relationships explain why things happen and allow you to reliably predict what will happen if you do something.
What Is a Variable in Science? (Types of Variables)
Variables are an important part of science projects and experiments. What is a variable? Basically, a variable is any factor that can be controlled, changed, or measured in an experiment. Scientific experiments have several types of variables. The independent and dependent variables are the ones usually plotted on a chart or graph, but there are other types of variables you may encounter.
Variable | Define Variable at
Mathematics, Computers.. a quantity or function that may assume any given value or set of values. a symbol that represents this.
Variables - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Docs
Variables give you a convenient way to get key bits of data into various parts of the pipeline. As the name suggests, the value of a variable may change from run to run or job to job of your pipeline.
What are Independent and Dependent Variables?-NCES Kids' Zone
What are Independent and Dependent Variables? Question: What's a variable? Answer: A variable is an object, event, idea, feeling, time period, or any other type of category you are trying to measure. There are two types of variables-independent and dependent. Question: What's an independent variable? Answer: An independent variable is exactly what it sounds like.
What is a variable in computer programming? - Launch School
Variables What is a Variable? Variables are used to store information to be referenced and manipulated in a computer program. They also provide a way of labeling data with a descriptive name, so our programs can be understood more clearly by the reader and ourselves.
Variable - Wikipedia
Variable may refer to: . Variable (computer science), a symbolic name associated with a value and whose associated value may be changed Variable (mathematics), a symbol that represents a quantity in a mathematical expression, as used in many sciences Variable (research), a logical set of attributes Variable star, a type of astronomical star "The Variable", an episode of the television series Lost
Variable - definition of variable by The Free Dictionary
And we need not be apprehensive that there will be too much stability, while there is even the option of changing; nor need we desire to prohibit the people from continuing their confidence where they think it may be safely placed, and where, by constancy on their part, they may obviate the fatal inconveniences of fluctuating councils and a variable policy.
Social Research Methods - Knowledge Base - Variables
You won't be able to do very much in research unless you know how to talk about variables. A variable is any entity that can take on different values.OK, so what does that mean? Anything that can vary can be considered a variable.