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Underlying | Definition of Underlying by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. For example, certain underlying conditions that contribute to infertility may react to the process in different ways. — Korin Miller, SELF, "Jana Kramer Got Pregnant After a Failed Round of IVF—Twice," 2 Nov. 2018 The underlying conditions that produce violence always matter. — David Mcfadden, The Seattle Times, "FBI: Baltimore homicide rate topped US big ...
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It is plain (suggested Socrates), they do not know the underlying meaning. The underlying causes for the conduct, life and end of Apicius have not been told.
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Underlying definition, lying or situated beneath, as a substratum. See more.
Underlying - definition of underlying by The Free Dictionary
The many cases on record of a formation conformably covered, after an enormous interval of time, by another and later formation, without the underlying bed having suffered in the interval any wear and tear, seem explicable only on the view of the bottom of the sea not rarely lying for ages in an unaltered condition.
UNDERLYING | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
underlying meaning: 1. real but not immediately obvious: 2. used to describe something on which something else is based: 3. positioned under the surface of something: . Learn more.
Underlying legal definition of underlying - Legal Dictionary
An option contract provides one party (the option holder) with a right, but not an obligation, to buy or sell an underlying financial instrument, foreign currency or commodity at an agreed-on price on or before a set date.
Underlying dictionary definition | underlying defined
The fossils are few, and in some cases probably derived from the underlying formations.; Tests gave no indication of an underlying cause.; The idea underlying the word, which to us is invested with deep ethical meaning, had only this non-ethical, ritual significance in Ezekiel.; The fact that an unprecedented number of earth's inhabitants today live in poverty is an indictment of governments ...
Underlying financial definition of Underlying
The value of the underlying swap if, for example, you wanted to unload it during the transaction, is exposed to interest rates in the market, because you can get the swap price at any point.
Underlying - Wikipedia
In finance, the underlying of a derivative is an asset, basket of assets, index, or even another derivative, such that the cash flows of the (former) derivative depend on the value of this underlying.There must be an independent way to observe this value to avoid conflicts of interest.. According to the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)'s Statement of Financial Accounting Standards ...
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