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Unconverted definition, noting a specified type of person who has been converted from the religion, beliefs, or attitudes characteristic of that type: a converted Christian; a converted thief. See more.
Unconverted - definition of unconverted by The Free Dictionary
Define unconverted. unconverted synonyms, unconverted pronunciation, unconverted translation, English dictionary definition of unconverted. adj 1. not having been changed or adapted: an unconverted barn.
Unconverted | Definition of Unconverted by Merriam-Webster
Unconverted definition is - not converted: such as. How to use unconverted in a sentence.
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Synonyms for unconverted at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for unconverted.
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Definition of unconverted in the dictionary. Meaning of unconverted. What does unconverted mean? Information and translations of unconverted in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
Unconverted dictionary definition | unconverted defined
unconverted definition: Adjective (comparative more unconverted, superlative most unconverted) 1. Not converted (especially in the religious sense)...
Unconverted Neopets | Neopets Image Emporium
In total, there are 227 unconverted pet options. Baby. There are 3 total unconverted Baby pets. Coconut. There is 1 total unconverted Coconut pet. Darigan. There are 39 total unconverted Darigan pets. Desert. There are 3 total unconverted Desert pets. Faerie. There are 21 total unconverted Faerie pets. Grey. There are 36 total unconverted Grey ...
Unconverted long-term prisoners - Wikipedia
Unconverted long-term prisoners is the North Korean term for northern loyalists imprisoned in South Korea who never renounced Juche.The North Korean government considers them to be "pro-reunification patriotic fighters", while South Korean scholars have described them as "pro-communist spies".
Uncontroverted legal definition of uncontroverted
uncontroverted: adjective beyond doubt , indubious , past dispute , unchallenged , uncontested , uncontradicted , undisputed , undoubted , unquestioned Associated ...