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Totemic definition is - of, relating to, suggestive of, or characteristic of a totem or totemism. How to use totemic in a sentence.
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Totemic definition, a natural object or an animate being, as an animal or bird, assumed as the emblem of a clan, family, or group. See more.
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A feature of this order is that it does not reference 'man and nature', since Aboriginal ontologies are not articulated by any such distinction: rather, totemic identities are common to humans and non-humans alike, such that 'humans and nonhumans share certain common properties that are stable enough to be passed down from one generation to another' (Descola 2013:151).
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On these is a painted model of the totemic animals of the deceased. Then, just like the other totemic tribes, they feigned to be of the blood and lineage of the sun.
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‘Others are totemic, involving plants or animals that are symbolic of kin groups.’ ‘For Africans, the clan, a group of people descended from a single remote male ancestor, symbolized by a totemic animal and organized politically around a chiefly title, is the largest kinship unit.’ ‘In ...
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This is a magic mod about Totem Poles, nature and the power of music. The main focus lies on Totem Poles. They can give passive boons to players nearby, but more importantly, they are the central piece of Ceremonies: Dancing around a Totem Pole and playing various musical instruments to invoke strong effects and manipulate the world.
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an animal, plant, force of nature, or inanimate object that represents the tribal ancestor of a clan. It also serves as a tutelary spirit and protector and may communicate through oracles.
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A totem (Ojibwe doodem) is a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe.. While the term totem is derived from the North American Ojibwe language, belief in tutelary spirits and deities is not limited to indigenous peoples of the Americas but common to a number of cultures worldwide.
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totem (tō`təm), an object, usually an animal or plant (or all animals or plants of that species), that is revered by members of a particular social group because of a mystical or ritual relationship that exists with that group.The totem—or rather, the spirit it embodies—represents the bond of unity within a tribe, a clan, or some similar group.
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Description [edit | edit source]. Passed down by the shamans of pictdom from some dim and ancient past, this recipe when fed to certain animals will cause them to grow into idealized totemic animals of the Picts.