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Urban Dictionary: 'taint
the correct definiton to "taint" is the spot between the vagina and the asshole. That is what taint is. Gooch is the spot between the nut sac and the asshole. Now you know the difference on those spots...
Taint | definition of taint by Medical dictionary
an unpleasant odor and flavor in a human foodstuff of animal origin. Caused by the ingestion of the substance, commonly a plant such as Hexham scent, or while in storage, e.g. milk stored with pineapples, or as a result of animal metabolism, e.g. boar taint.
Taint | Define Taint at
verb (used with object) to modify by or as if by a trace of something offensive or deleterious. to infect, contaminate, corrupt, or spoil. to sully or tarnish (a person's name, reputation, etc.).
Taint - definition of taint by The Free Dictionary
taint 1 (tānt) tr.v. taint·ed, taint·ing, taints 1. To affect or associate with something undesirable or reprehensible: a reputation that was tainted by allegations of illegal activity. 2. a. To expose to an infectious agent, toxin, or undesirable substance: drinking water that is tainted with parasites; toothpaste that is tainted with toxic metals.
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Taint | Definition of Taint by Merriam-Webster
socialism 'a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government' . uphold 'to let stand' . due process 'a course of formal proceedings (as judicial proceedings)' . asylum 'protection from arrest and extradition given especially to political refugees'
Taint Synonyms, Taint Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
1 to affect slightly with something morally bad or undesirable . criticism of her sister's singing that was tainted by envy; A tendency toward conceitedness taints that athlete's status as a role model.