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Welcome to the SWFO Roleplayers Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to the SWFO Roleplay Universe.This wiki is about the SWFO Roleplay group's characters, factions and additional lore. Owned by Masterkey01, persi8002, VladPutin, Octogunman, Colliehole13, Gust_Flare and xVoltius.
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Yokan, otherwise commonly known as Lord Yokan, was a Human male Sith Lord serving the True Sith Empire during the New Republic era, operating as one of the True Sith's top enforcers, leading them to many victories in the name of expansion and conquest. Born on the jungle planet Athiss, Yokan had...
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SWFO for short. Version: V.1.4. Helmet/mask/hood GUIs. (Note that this game may be heavy for some devices and thus causes lag and possibly crashing. Fast PC and connection are required for perfect gameplay.) Technically Star Wars: Awakening 2 as it's very similar but with more content.
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[]Roblox Star Wars The First Order[]The trainning[]SWFO[]Part:1[]
In a galaxy far far away there were two jedi who lived on tatooine. They must train for anything thats coming for them which is happening on this episode.WHO...
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