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Stemmed definition, having a stem or a specified kind of stem (often used in combination): a long-stemmed rose. See more.
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Recent Examples on the Web. The plants grow in tight, multi-stemmed clumps with mostly basal leaves.— The Editors, Good Housekeeping, "How to Grow Gorgeous Echinacea in Your Garden," 29 May 2018 Yaz Bukey, whimsically dressed as a green-stemmed, bright pink flower, found a happy resting place in a splendid gilded throne that turned out to have once belonged to her great-grandfather, the ...
Stemmed - definition of stemmed by The Free Dictionary
stemmed (stĕmd) adj. 1. Having the stems removed. 2. Provided with a stem or a specific type of stem. Often used in combination: stemmed goblets; long-stemmed roses. stemmed (stɛmd) adj 1. a. having a stem b. (in combination): a thin-stemmed plant; a long-stemmed glass. 2. having had the stem or stems removed stemmed (stɛmd) adj. 1. having a stem or ...
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She stemmed the flood of his protestations with a hand on his arm. It was contentment, and it stemmed from the basic emotion love. The popular feeling was so strong that Pitt could not have stemmed it if he would.
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stem 1 /stɛm/ USA pronunciation n., v., stemmed, stem•ming. n. [Botany the part of a plant that grows in an opposite direction to the root and that supports a leaf, flower, or fruit.; a long, slender, supporting part, as of a wineglass or a tobacco pipe. Time a part that sticks out from the body of a watch, having on its end a knob for winding the watch.
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The only power which might have stemmed the tide was Prussia.; Beautiful tufted erect-stemmed plants preferring a strong rich loamy soil.More likely it stemmed from the fact that she had not gone to the house yet.; Even so, Rhyn.s flaws stemmed from his nature of being a half-demon.; He understood her anxiety stemmed mostly from worrying Connor would leave like Standish had.
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How to use stemmed in a sentence. Example sentences with the word stemmed. stemmed example sentences.
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Stem | Definition of Stem by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for stem. Verb (2) spring, arise, rise, originate, derive, flow, issue, emanate, proceed, stem mean to come up or out of something into existence. spring implies rapid or sudden emerging. an idea that springs to mind arise and rise may both convey the fact of coming into existence or notice but rise often stresses gradual growth or ascent.
Stemming - Wikipedia
In linguistic morphology and information retrieval, stemming is the process of reducing inflected (or sometimes derived) words to their word stem, base or root form—generally a written word form. The stem need not be identical to the morphological root of the word; it is usually sufficient that related words map to the same stem, even if this stem is not in itself a valid root.