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He strove hard to resist it, and repeatedly opened his eyes to plunge into the outer darkness one of those looks that see nothing; but at last, yielding to fatigue, he sank back and slumbered. View in context
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Slumbered was an animated film released in the 1990's which was based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale "Sleeping Beauty ". As a child Rebecca Bunch was a huge fan of the fantasy which had a prince awakening a sleeping princess. When she got older she still believed strongly in the romantic...
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verb (used with object) to spend or pass (time) in slumbering (often followed by away, out, or through): to slumber the afternoon away.; to dispel or forget by slumbering (often followed by away): to slumber cares away.
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Verb. simple past tense and past participle of slumber; Link/Cite. SentencesSentence examples
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Slumber definition is - to sleep lightly : doze. How to use slumber in a sentence. ... she slumbered for hours while the train rolled on. slumbering restlessly in the tropical heat. Recent Examples of slumber from the Web. But none of these theories hold a candle to my favorite conjecture of all: ...