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Shutdown | Definition of Shutdown by Merriam-Webster
Shutdown definition is - the cessation or suspension of an operation or activity. How to use shutdown in a sentence.
Shutdown Command (Examples, Options, Switches, and More)
The shutdown command is used to shut down or restart remote computers. The shutdown command will also shut down, restart, hibernate, or log off.
Shutdown - definition of shutdown by The Free Dictionary
shut·down (shŭt′doun′) n. A cessation of operations or activity, as at a factory. Also called closedown. shutdown (ˈʃʌtˌdaʊn) n (Commerce) a. the closing of a factory, shop, etc b. (as modifier): shutdown costs. vb (adverb) 1. to cease or cause to cease operation 2. (tr) to close by lowering 3. (Physical Geography) (tr) (of fog) to descend ...
Shutdown (computing) - Wikipedia
In Microsoft Windows and ReactOS, a PC or server is shut down by selecting the Shutdown item from the Start menu on the desktop. Options include shutting down the system and powering off, automatically restarting the system after shutting down, or putting the system into stand-by mode.. There is also a shutdown command that can be executed within a command shell window.
shutdown | Microsoft Docs
Remarks. Users must be assigned the Shut down the system user right to shut down a local or remotely administered computer that is using the shutdown command.; Users must be members of the Administrators group to annotate an unexpected shutdown of a local or remotely administered computer.
Shutdown Shortcut, Auto Shutdown, Shutdown Command for XP ...
Shutdown Computer / Laptop / Desktop when not in use and save energy. Create Shutdown Shortcut to issue shutdown command to computer (with / without alert or confirmation). The Site offers many easy ways to automate computer shutdown or you can get shutdown command from shutdown shortcut(s) as well. Shutdown site displays utilities with which you can initiate timed shutdown, shutdown at a ...
Government Shutdown 2019: Latest Updates & Reaction - POLITICO
The House passed a stopgap spending bill on Tuesday to keep the government open for four additional weeks, diminishing the chances of a paralyzing government-wide shutdown before Thanksgiving but ...
Shutdown - Shutdown the computer - Windows CMD -
SHUTDOWN.exe. Shutdown the computer. Syntax SHUTDOWN [shutdown_options] [/m \\Computer] [other_options] shutdown_options: /i Display the GUI (must be the first option) /l Log off.This cannot be used with /m or /d option. /s Shutdown. /sg Shutdown and on the next boot restart any registered applications.
MS-DOS and Windows command line shutdown command
Note. The shutdown command will close the prompt window, and then start shutting down Windows. The result is the same as if you chose Start menu → Power button → Shut down.If you want to close the command line window only, see how to close a command line window.
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