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Shiningly | Definition of Shiningly by Merriam-Webster
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Shiningly - definition of shiningly by The Free Dictionary
Casby, for example, has the outward appearance of a shiningly benevolent figure whose statements are always accepted as "exemplars of both [benevolence and wisdom] that one would have liked to have a copy of" (Dickens, LD 578).
Shiningly Synonyms, Shiningly Antonyms |
A valiantly definite, lucid and shiningly practical soul,—with such a power of always expectorating himself into clearness again. Herbert had passed as shiningly in mods and divinity and all the rest of it as Jack had passed before the Marine Board.
Shiningly legal definition of shiningly
The young innocents are shiningly good, the bad uncle and his shadowy world of investors incredibly nasty.
Shiningly synonyms, shiningly antonyms -
19) "Just one of the many, a virgin noble for ever, honoured the marriage torch and was shiningly false to her perjured father" (3.
Shiningly | definition of shiningly by Medical dictionary
In most cases the tips of the brushes have curved surfaces where (it appears) individual stibnite needles have fused, giving the specimens, along their tops, a sort of shiningly crumpled look which is not at all unattractive (just "different").
What does shiningly mean? -
What does shiningly mean? Definitions for shiningly shin·ing·ly Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word shiningly.