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Element.setAttribute() - Web APIs | MDN
Using setAttribute() to modify certain attributes, most notably value in XUL, works inconsistently, as the attribute specifies the default value. To access or modify the current values, you should use the properties. For example, use Element.value instead of Element.setAttribute().
DOM Element setAttribute() Method - W3Schools
The setAttribute() method adds the specified attribute to an element, and gives it the specified value. If the specified attribute already exists, only the value is set/changed.
HtmlElement.SetAttribute(String, String) Method (System ...
Use GetAttribute and SetAttribute to manipulate attributes not exposed on the managed Document Object Model (DOM). If attributeName is not a defined attribute on an element, SetAttribute will define it on the element as a new attribute. GetAttribute and SetAttribute are case-insensitive.
XmlElement.SetAttribute Method (System.Xml) | Microsoft Docs
SetAttribute(String, String, String) SetAttribute(String, String, String) SetAttribute(String, String, String) SetAttribute(String, String, String) Sets the value of the attribute with the specified local name and namespace URI.
setAttribute Method (saveFavorite, saveHistory, userData)
If the specified attribute is not already present, the setAttribute method adds the attribute to the object and sets the value. The sAttrName value is not case-sensitive. This method requires an object participating in persistence, where that object has a class name equal to the specified persistence behavior.
setAttribute (W3C DOM Core method) — SitePoint
element.setAttribute('disabled', false); Internet Explorer implements a second argument to setAttribute, which is a case-sensitivity flag that can take the value 0 (case-insensitive) or 1 (default ...
PHP: PDO::setAttribute - Manual
This is an update to a note I wrote earlier concerning how to set multiple attributes when you create you PDO connection string. You can put all the attributes you want in an associative array and pass that array as the fourth parameter in your connection string.
Learn About setAttribute JavaScript Method With Real Examples
HTML DOM SetAttribute Method. This method is used to add a specified attribute to an element, giving the attribute a certain value. If the attribute already is assigned to an element, the value is simply overwritten.
PHP: DOMElement::setAttribute - Manual
setAttribute() should return false in this case I think, but I suppose it doesn't. Still, the right way to do it is with createElementNS(). It lets you specify the namespace when creating the element node.