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Server.MapPath Method -
The MapPath method maps the specified relative or virtual path to the corresponding physical directory on the server. Because the MapPath method maps a path regardless of whether the specified directories currently exist, you can use the MapPath method to map a path to a physical directory structure ...
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The server path for Linux accounts with cPanel consists of the following: The home folder - On the root of the server (Shared customers cannot access this level) The home/username/ path (home directory) - Can be accessed via FTP or File Manager
How can I find my "Full server path"? - KBPublisher KB
A full server path is the path your system uses to define where your own files are located on the server (as opposed to files belonging to other users).
HttpServerUtility.MapPath(String) Method (System.Web ...
However, you cannot specify a path outside of the Web application. Important The MapPath method potentially contains sensitive information about the hosting environment.
Adding a Server Location Path Map - Eclipse
Select the server on which you would like to create the Path Map and click Edit. In the Edit Server dialog, select the Path Mapping tab. Click Add. An Add new Path Mapping dialog appears. Enter the Server Path from which you would like to create the Path Map.
Relative Links vs. Absolute Links: Server Paths Explained
A server path is the path through the server's directory structure between two files. In order to link two files together, such as placing an image on a web a page, you need to know the path through the computer from the web page to the image in order to tell the browser where to find it.
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Server.MapPath("~") returns D:\WebApps\shop; Server.MapPath("/") returns C:\Inetpub\wwwroot; Server.MapPath("/shop") returns D:\WebApps\shop; If Path starts with either a forward (/) or backward slash (\), the MapPath method returns a path as if Path were a full, virtual path. If Path doesn't start with a slash, the MapPath method returns a path relative to the directory of the request being processed.
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The MapPath method maps a specified path to a physical path. Note: This method cannot be used in Session.OnEnd and Application.OnEnd. Syntax. Server.MapPath(path) Parameter Description; path : Required. A relative or virtual path to map to a physical path. If this parameter starts with / or \, it returns a path as if this parameter is a full ...
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Separates directories in the command path. If used without other parameters, ; clears the existing command paths from the PATH environment variable and directs Cmd.exe to search only in the current directory. %PATH% Appends the command path to the existing set of directories listed in the PATH environment variable. /? Displays help at the command prompt.