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Secrete | Definition of Secrete by Merriam-Webster
Secrete definition is - to form and give off (a secretion). How to use secrete in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of secrete.
Secrete - definition of secrete by The Free Dictionary
To produce and discharge a substance, especially from the cells of specialized glands. For example, the endocrine glands secrete hormones.
Secrete | Definition of Secrete at
Secrete definition, to discharge, generate, or release by the process of secretion. See more.
secrete - Dictionary Definition :
Secrete is all about secrets. It means both "to hide" and "to release." When you squeeze a lemon, it secretes juice. When you stuff your money in a mattress, you secrete it there.
Secrete | definition of secrete by Medical dictionary
secrete [se-krēt´] to synthesize and release a substance. se·crete (se-krēt'), To elaborate or produce some physiologically active substance (for example, enzyme, hormone, metabolite) by a cell and to deliver it into blood, body cavity, or sap, either by direct diffusion, cellular exocytosis, or by means of a duct. [L. se-cerno, pp. -cretus, to ...
Secrete Synonyms, Secrete Antonyms |
Synonyms for secrete at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for secrete.
Secretes - definition of secretes by The Free Dictionary
The pituitary gland is called a master gland, one that coordinates signals for hormone production from the brain, the hypothalamus, and from other parts of the body This gland secretes a number of hormones that help control and respond to stress, affect brain functions, such as the ability to focus and pay attention, and go govern growth and sexual development, energy metabolism and the body's ...
Secretion - Wikipedia
Secretion is the movement of material from one point to another, e.g. secreted chemical substance from a cell or gland.In contrast, excretion, is the removal of certain substances or waste products from a cell or organism.The classical mechanism of cell secretion is via secretory portals at the cell plasma membrane called porosomes. Porosomes are permanent cup-shaped lipoprotein structure at ...
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SECRETE - crossword answers, clues, definition, synonyms ...
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