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Secrete | Definition of Secrete by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for secrete. Verb (2) hide, conceal, screen, secrete, bury mean to withhold or withdraw from sight. hide may or may not suggest intent. hide in the closet a house hidden in the woods conceal usually does imply intent and often specifically implies a refusal to divulge. concealed the weapon screen implies an interposing of something that prevents discovery.
Secrete - definition of secrete by The Free Dictionary
To produce and discharge a substance, especially from the cells of specialized glands. For example, the endocrine glands secrete hormones.
Secrete Synonyms, Secrete Antonyms |
Then give up to us the seditious papers which you secrete in your house. But when it has been milked two or three times it ceases to secrete. But the frere brake his faste in a secrete place in the same house.
secrete - Dictionary Definition :
Secrete is all about secrets. It means both "to hide" and "to release." When you squeeze a lemon, it secretes juice. When you stuff your money in a mattress, you secrete it there.
secrete | Definition of secrete in English by Oxford ...
‘Tadpole pituitaries secrete thyroid-stimulating hormone in response to CRH.’ ‘Sweat is secreted by glands in the skin when it is necessary to lose excess heat from the body.’
Secrete dictionary definition | secrete defined
Asian swiftlets secrete gummy saliva creating strands to build their nests which is the main ingredient in Bird's Nest Soup.
Secretion - Wikipedia
Secretion is the movement of material from one point to another, e.g. secreted chemical substance from a cell or gland.In contrast, excretion, is the removal of certain substances or waste products from a cell or organism.The classical mechanism of cell secretion is via secretory portals at the cell plasma membrane called porosomes. Porosomes are permanent cup-shaped lipoprotein structure at ...
secrete - Wiktionary
Verb []. secrete (third-person singular simple present secretes, present participle secreting, simple past and past participle secreted) To conceal1914: The Pacific Reporter, volume 142, page 450 (West Publishing Company) Plaintiffs filed an affidavit for an attachment, alleging that defendant was about to assign, secrete, and dispose of his property with intent to delay and defraud his ...
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