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Scribble | Definition of Scribble by Merriam-Webster
She scribbled a note to him and then dashed off to her meeting. He scribbled down his phone number. Students scribbled furiously as the professor lectured. She was scribbling away in a notebook. The toddler scribbled all over the paper.
Scribble | Define Scribble at
verb (used without object), scrib·bled, scrib·bling. to write or draw in a hasty or careless way. to make meaningless marks, scrolls, lines, etc., with a pencil, pen, or the like. | Free Fonts For Web and Graphic Design
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Taken off the wall and to the computer screen, these graffiti fonts represent true street art.
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Title Description Keywords; November 04, 2017. The Scribbled Stories. Got a story to tell? We are all ears. Sign up and scribble your story now!
Decipher | Define Decipher at
verb (used with object) to make out the meaning of (poor or partially obliterated writing, etc.): to decipher a hastily scribbled note. to discover the meaning of (anything obscure or difficult to trace or understand): to decipher hieroglyphics. to interpret by the use of a key, as something written in cipher: to decipher a secret message.
Adolf Hitler and Volkswagen
Adolf Hitler and Volkswagen. Sitting at a restaurant table in Munich in the summer of 1932, Hitler designed the prototype for what would become the immensely successful Beetle design for Volkswagen (literally, the "car of the people"). In an era where only the most economic elite possessed cars, Hitler believed that all people should be able to own a car and additionally thought that a smart ...
Einstein scribbled his theory of ... - The Washington Post
A picture taken on October 19, 2017, shows Gal Winner, owner and manager of the Winner’s auction house in Jerusalem, displays two notes written by Albert Einstein, in 1922, on hotel stationary ...
Time (Pink Floyd song) - Wikipedia
"Time" is a song by English progressive rock band Pink Floyd. It is included as the fourth track on The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) and was released as a single in the United States. Bassist Roger Waters wrote the lyrics and the music is credited to all four band members. Keyboardist Richard Wright shares lead vocals (his last until "Wearing the Inside Out" on The Division Bell) alongside ...
Why Are Legal Pads Yellow? | Mental Floss
The legal pad got its start with Thomas Holley in 1888. Holley was 24 and working at a paper mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Every day, he and his co-workers threw out a lot of scrap pieces ...