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Hollywood has developed a habit of relying on what worked best in the past, and 300 was hugely successful.
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Synonyms: rely, depend, trust These verbs share the meaning to place or have faith or confidence in someone or something: He relies on his parents for support.Our theater group depends on volunteers to act as ushers.
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Thus, she remained immutable, superior to fatigue, and ever relying on a prodigy. "We are relying on you to help us, Mrs. Wilcox," said the young doctor.
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Relying on the support of the Monothelite party, he made some pretensions to the throne on the outbreak of the first great rebellion against Justinian; these led to his relegation to Cephalonia by Tiberius Absimarus, and subsequently to his banishment, by order of Justinian, to Cherson.; Antonio, relying on the popular hostility to a Spanish ruler, presented himself as a candidate.
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A digital signature entails using a specific technology called public key infrastructure (PKI), which generally involves a certificate authority, registration authority, subscriber, and a relying party.
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Recent Examples on the Web. There could, however, be a silver lining: Midge might finally learn to fend for herself, instead of relying on her family and Susie. — Chloe Foussianes, Town & Country, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's Season Two Finale Left Us with Some Questions," 15 Dec. 2018 Mitchell relies on Hollywood stylist Monica Rose to help pull together her chic looks.