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A proton is composed of two up quarks, one down quark, and the gluons that mediate the forces "binding" them together. The color assignment of individual quarks is arbitrary, but all three colors must be present.
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Quarks. Quarks and Leptons are the building blocks which build up matter, i.e., they are seen as the "elementary particles". In the present standard model, there are six "flavors" of quarks.
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Quarks are one type of matter particle. Most of the matter we see around us is made from protons and neutrons, which are composed of quarks.
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Quarks are fundamental particles of matter. Learn how they make up protons and neutrons, the six different flavors and how gluons exchange color.
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With every discovery in this field of particle physics in the past 50 years, however, more questions arise about how quarks influence the universe's growth and ultimate fate.
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Find articles and multimedia about Quarks and particle physics from the New York Times.
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Quarks. The basic constituent particles of which elementary particles are understood to be composed. Theoretical models built on the quark concept have been very successful in und
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