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The pentathlon made its return as an Olympic event at the 1906 Games in Athens, consisting of a standing long jump, discus throw (ancient style), javelin throw, 192-metre run, and a Greco-Roman wrestling match.. The 1912 Summer Olympics saw the introduction of two new types of the pentathlon. The first was the classic pentathlon, an athletics competition which was a variation on the Ancient ...
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Did You Know? The Greek word athlos means "contest or trial", so to be an athlete you had to compete in physical contests. The ancient Greek pentathlon tested warriors' skills in sprinting, long jumping, javelin throwing, discus throwing, and wrestling, none of which are part of today's Olympic pentathlon.
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The Ancient Olympic pentathlon (Greek: πένταθλον) was an athletic contest at the Ancient Olympic Games, and other Panhellenic Games of Ancient Greece.The name derives from Greek, combining the words pente (five) and athlon (competition). Five events were contested over one day, starting with the stadion (a short foot race) followed by the Javelin throw, Discus throw, Long jump (the ...
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Giochi olimpici antichi; Generale: Giochi olimpici antichi • Olimpiade • Tregua olimpica • Heraion di Olimpia: Gare olimpiche: Corsa dei carri • Diaulo • Dolico • Lotta greca • Oplitodromia • Orthepale • Pancrazio • Pentathlon • Stadion: Vincitori dei Giochi olimpici antichi
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Première étape du Pentathlon, le départ à vélo de style Le Mans est toujours spectaculaire ! Pédalez dans les rues du Vieux-Québec aux alentours du site historique des plaines d’Abraham.
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Le pentathlon - de la racine grecque penta-(cinq) et athlon (compétition) - désigne différents sports comprenant cinq types d'épreuves : . le pentathlon antique, pratiqué dans l'Antiquité, regroupait les épreuves de disque, javelot, saut en longueur, course et lutte.; le pentathlon moderne, sport olympique composé de l'escrime, du tir au pistolet, de la natation, de l’équitation et ...
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Das Pentathlon war eine athletische Disziplin bei den Olympischen Spielen der Antike.Der Name leitet sich ab von dem griechischen Wort „Fünf Wettkämpfe“: Speer, Diskus, Sprung, Lauf und Ringen. Das erste Mal waren sie ab den 18.
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Welcome to the official website of the MPAGB (Modern Pentathlon Association Great Britain) Yorkshire Region. Please be aware that this website is being developed as a work in progress.
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Bill Bland will be running a PC shoot session with turning targets at Beluncle Farm, Hoo on Sunday 2nd December. If you are interested please email for more details.