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LR parser - Wikipedia
In computer science, LR parsers are a type of bottom-up parser that efficiently read deterministic context-free languages, in guaranteed linear time. There are several variants of LR parsers: SLR parsers, LALR parsers, Canonical LR(1) parsers, Minimal LR(1) parsers, GLR parsers.LR parsers can be generated by a parser generator from a formal grammar defining the syntax of the language to be parsed.
Open Source HTML Parsers in Java
HtmlCleaner is open-source HTML parser written in Java. HTML found on Web is usually dirty, ill-formed and unsuitable for further processing. For any serious consumption of such documents, it is necessary to first clean up the mess and bring the order to tags, attributes and ordinary text.
Parser – Wikipedia
Die Aufgabe des Parsers ist nun, die zugrundeliegende Struktur dieser Symbolfolge zu erkennen. Häufig geschieht das in Form eines Parsebaums, der in diesem Fall so aussehen kann: . Dies ist die Ausgabe eines einfachen Parsers.
Spirit.Qi numeric parsers are the fastest in the world of C++ and surpasses even hand-written low level parsers such as atoi and atof written in C.