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Notoriety | Definition of Notoriety by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. All of this notoriety caught the attention of Barbara Walters, who invited Joy to be on the original cast of her show in 1997. — Kayla Keegan, Good Housekeeping, "Why 'The View' Star Joy Behar Doesn't Use Her Real Name," 29 Nov. 2018 Think of the kind of notoriety that would bring today. — Popular Mechanics Editors, Popular Mechanics, "In Defense of Elon Musk ...
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Contemporary Examples. of notoriety. Scalise was a state representative old enough to remember the notoriety of Farrell and Knight from years before.
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Tawell was executed, and the notoriety of the case brought the telegraph into repute. His notoriety was new enough and narrow enough to please him still.
Notoriety - definition of notoriety by The Free Dictionary
The credit of the former is by common notoriety supported for a long time; and public records, with the concurrent testimony of many authors, bear evidence to their truth in future ages.
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Pull off intense heists in a cooperative first person shooter where criminals rule the world! Loot, steal, and uncover secrets in this expansive underworld of crime.
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Notoriety is fame you get from doing something bad or being part of a misfortune or scandal. Just remember: Notoriety's not al-righty. Charles Manson earned notoriety for his grisly crimes.
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‘The show looks at the literary fame and social notoriety of the Romantic poet during his life and his contemporary legacy.’ ‘You have a lot of people that come forward that want the fame and the infamy of the notoriety.’
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notoriety definition: 1. the state of being famous for something bad: 2. the state of being famous for doing something, esp. something immoral or bad: . Learn more.
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Notoriety. Notoriety is a statistic tracked in relation to Crime & Punishment and introduced in Chapter One (3.0) of Elite Dangerous: Beyond.It is tied directly to pilots, whereas bounties are tied only to whichever ship is used to commit a crime. As a pilot commits crimes, especially murder, their Notoriety will increase.
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Enemies are everywhere in Notoriety. Their goal is to try to stop you from completing your heist and arrest you for your crimes. Guards are a common enemy in Notoriety. They're already at the target of the heist when you arrive and will patrol until they suspect a robbery is underway. Guards, in...