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Historically, a human being was not necessarily a natural person in some jurisdictions where slavery existed (subject of a property right) rather than a person. In many cases, fundamental human rights are implicitly granted only to natural persons.
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However, a director or natural person shareholder can also be a secretary. As a result, LM ENT --as an LLC rather than a natural person --was not an employee within the scope of the Policy at issue in this case. A political official is a natural person who is an agent of a polity or a political department.
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Learn More about natural person. Share natural person. Resources for natural person. Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared . Dictionary Entries near natural person. natural law. natural object. natural obligation. natural person. natural right. natural servitude. navigable waters.
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Only by searching out the truth of the laws and your original rights and freedoms for yourselves, will you be empowered to protect your natural-person. For the USA, here is an excellent web-site that explains the cover-up of the true tax liability in the USA.
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Definition of NATURAL PERSON: A human being, naturally born, versus a legally generated juridical person.