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How GeoDNS Works | Constellix DNS
GeoDNS is easily the most powerful set of tools on the DNS level. These services can be used to improve the performance of your domains on a global scale, build your own CDN, and deliver unique content based on qualities of your end-users.
HOWTO Implement GeoDNS using BIND
In a nutshell, patching BIND for GeoDNS support results in a DNS server that can answer queries at an extremely rapid rate compared with this ACL method (I have confirmed this; it is quite easy to test; see below).
BIND - Wikipedia
BIND ( /ˈbaɪnd/ ), or named (pronounced name-dee, short for name daemon: /ˈneɪmdiː/ ), is the most widely used Domain Name System (DNS) software on the Internet. | On Unix-like operating systems it is the de facto standard. It performs both of the main DNS server roles - acting as an authoritative name server for one...
Free GeoDNS and Geolocation Load Balancing Service | ClouDNS
+5 DNS zones for the GeoDNS Business plan for $34.95/month +100M queries per month for GeoDNS Business plan for $5.95/month; DDoS Protection for web sites for $15.00/month per domain with included 1TB/month clean traffic. Additional domains can be added for $10.00/month.
What is GeoDNS? - Quora
Answer Wiki. To answer the question in the title, GeoDNS is a patch for BIND that allows it to return back different values depending on the results from MaxMind geolocation ip address databases. I expect that Apple has (or contracts) a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for world-wide local access. However, you are thinking too physical.
GitHub - abh/geodns: DNS server with per-client targeted ...
geodns runs a WebSocket server on port 8053 that outputs various performance metrics. The WebSocket URL is /monitor . There's a "companion program" that can use this across a cluster to show aggregate statistics, email for more information.
domain name system - What is the difference between ...
What is the difference between Anycast and GeoDNS / GeoIP wrt HA? ... The key benefit of GeoDNS is that it resolves the same name to different IP addresses based on the requester's IP address. An Anycasted DNS server will return the same IP address regardless of who is doing the asking.
networking - Geo-DNS providers? - Server Fault
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Geo-Location Based Traffic Management Using DNS Policies ...
Geo-Location Based Traffic Management Using DNS Policies ... Name. Description. Client Subnet. Name of a predefined client subnet. Used to verify the subnet from which the query was sent. Transport Protocol. Transport protocol used in the query. Possible entries are UDP and TCP.
GeoIP-Using the GeoIP Features in BIND 9.10
In order to use the GeoIP features, BIND must be built with GeoIP support by using '--with-geoip' in the configure step of the build process. Without this build configuration BIND will not recognize the named.conf GeoIP extensions or be able to perform any GeoIP lookups. When built with GeoIP, named.conf supports the "geoip-directory" option.