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Delphi Basics : RandSeed command
Description: The RandSeed variable is used in conjunction with the Random function. It changes the seed used that Delphi uses to generate its range of 2 32 pseudo random numbers.
ifstream and ofstream.. save/read from memory?
The illustration would have been better, if I'd put repetitions into the loop rather than leaving my hard-coded value. Try the following with command line parameters 1024, 2048 and 4096. 1024 repeatitions of a string 1024 characters long fits into the large 1M buffer, 2048 repetitions requires one flush of the buffer.
My Birthday Facts - What happened on your birthday?
Find famous birthdays, events, top songs, movies, and books, astrological compatibility, and many other fun facts on your birthday! Also browse many birthday gift ideas.
ISP Failover with Default Routes using IP SLA Tracking - Cisco
This document describes how to configure WAN (or ISP) redundancies, wherein multiple WAN links terminate on the same end router.?This document also explains
1,000 Americans: Willie of Stikine River Ranch, British ...
Willie is one of those people that can fill a documentary all by himself. We arrived late, uninvited but were welcome and spent hours talking about his history, present and future.
sql - Measuring Query Performance : "Execution Plan Query ...
I'm trying to determine the relative performance of two different queries and have two ways of measuring this available to me: 1. Run both and time each query 2. Run both and get "Query Cost" from ...
Java Logging API - Tutorial
The Logger you create is actually a hierarchy of Loggers, and a . (dot) in the hierarchy indicates a level in the hierarchy. So if you get a Logger for the com.example key, this Logger is a child of the com Logger and the com Logger is child of the Logger for the empty String.
Policy Based Routing with the Multiple Tracking Options ...
Introduction. This document provides a sample configuration for policy based routing with the Multiple Tracking Options feature. This feature was introduced in Cisco IOS ® Software Release 12.3(4)T. Refer to PBR Support for Multiple Tracking Options for more information.
Insert Date, time and date time data to Oracle : Date Time ...
Insert Date, time and date time data to Oracle : Date Time Timestamp « Database SQL JDBC « Java
SQL Execution Time - Performance Tuning - SQLUSA
How to measure query execution time in millisecs? Execute the following Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL scripts using SSMS Query Editor in TEST ENVIRONMENT to find out the SQL execution time of the inner main queries in milliseconds.