tomorrow'snews today! and info... develops new JPEG features and maintains the Independent JPEG Group's (IJG) software. The current version is release 9c of 14-Jan-2018. It is the only true source reference JPEG codec.
Exif Orientation Page -
Exif Orientation Tag (Feb 17 2002) Questions: Your patch is incomplete. The Exif spec describes an Orientation Tag. Shouldn't this be updated, too, by the jpegtran patch?
IJG - Independent JPEG Group
Independent JPEG Group IJG is an informal group that writes and distributes a widely used free library for JPEG image compression. The first version was released on 7-Oct-1991.
libjpeg - Wikipedia
libjpeg is a free library with functions for handling the JPEG image data format. It implements a JPEG codec (encoding and decoding) alongside various utilities for handling JPEG data. It is written in C and distributed as free software together with its source code under the terms of a custom permissive (BSD-like) free software license, which demands attribution.
E-cutter--オールフリーソフト Windows 7・8・10対応のフリーソフト--
オールフリーソフト関連ソフト: ImgSplit ImgSplitは指定した枚数に画像を分割できるソフトです。 FotoMix FotoMixは簡単に合成写真を作ることができるソフトです。
JPEG Autorotate - Apps - Olli Savolainen
JPEG Autorotate Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 . Ever had the problem of pictures taken in portrait showing up in landscape in emails, on your blog or on your mobile device?
JPEG画像を簡単に無劣化で切り抜き・回転できるフリーソフト「JPEGcrop」 - GIGAZINE
JPEG画像を簡単に無劣化で切り抜き・回転できるフリーソフト「JPEGcrop」 by Blu* JPEG画像を無劣化のまま扱い、左右反転・上下反転・90度回転・180度 ...