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Iteration | Definition of Iteration by Merriam-Webster
Boyle plays Scorpius Malfoy, whose father, Draco Malfoy, is a purebred, old-money wizard supremacist who made Harry Potter’s life a living hell in the first iteration of the books.
Iterate | Definition of Iterate by Merriam-Webster
no matter how many times I iterate that this so-called prank is a bad idea, no one listens
python - PyQT QTreeWidget iterating - Stack Overflow
I have two columns in a QTreeWidget, one column represents a list of urls and the second represents results. I have loaded the list of urls in first column and now I want to iterate this list and ...
c# - Iterating through all nodes in XML file - Stack Overflow
I want to iterate through all nodes in an XML file and print their names. What is the best way to do this? I am using .NET 2.0.
Bash: Iterating over lines in a variable - Super User
How does one properly iterate over lines in bash either in a variable, or from the output of a command? Simply setting the IFS variable to a new line works for the output of a command but not when
Iterating a Loop Using Lambda - AWS Step Functions
Iterating a Loop Using Lambda In this tutorial, you implement a design pattern that uses a state machine and an AWS Lambda function to iterate a loop a specific number of times.
Iterating over arrays and objects in JavaScript - 2ality
This post explains three approaches for extracting information from arrays and objects: for loops,; array methods (courtesy of ECMAScript 5 [1]), listing property keys.
Iteration - Wikipedia
Mathematics. Iteration in mathematics may refer to the process of iterating a function i.e. applying a function repeatedly, using the output from one iteration as the input to the next.
Iterating through the FileSystemObject Collections ...
This FAQ discusses the several collections present in the FileSystemObject object. Thesecollections contain information about all of the drives, folders, and files on the computer's file system.
Java Practices->Ways of iterating
Concise presentations of java programming practices, tasks, and conventions, amply illustrated with syntax highlighted code examples.