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Iteration | Definition of Iteration by Merriam-Webster
Define iteration: the action or a process of iterating or repeating: such as — iteration in a sentence
Iterate | Definition of Iterate by Merriam-Webster
Iterate definition is — Define iterate: to say or do again or again and again : reiterateDefine iterate: to say or do again or again and again : reiterate. How to use Iterate in a sentence.
Iterate | Define Iterate at
Iterate definition, to utter again or repeatedly. See more.
c# - Iterating through all nodes in XML file - Stack Overflow
I want to iterate through all nodes in an XML file and print their names. What is the best way to do this? I am using .NET 2.0.
Bash: Iterating over lines in a variable - Super User
How does one properly iterate over lines in bash either in a variable, or from the output of a command? Simply setting the IFS variable to a new line works for the output of a command but not when
How the HHS Data Science CoLab is iterating ahead of ...
Any good startup program or business will tell you that iteration is the key to continued success. By this metric, the future of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Data Science CoLab initiative looks bright.
Iterating through the FileSystemObject Collections ...
This FAQ discusses the several collections present in the FileSystemObject object. Thesecollections contain information about all of the drives, folders, and files on the computer's file system.
6.3. Iterating with for Loops - Dive Into Python
Like most other languages, Python has for loops. The only reason you haven't seen them until now is that Python is good at so many other things that you don't need them as often.
Iterating Over a Bitset in Java - DZone Java
Let's look at bitsets in Java and how best to iterate over them, including tips for optimization and corresponding benchmarks.
Cheat Sheet: Writing Python 2-3 compatible code — Python ...
To loop over a byte-string with possible high-bit characters, obtaining each character as a byte-string of length 1: