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How can you change Thumbnail of Images on Gallery Page ...
They already have the image editor with cropping available and the current thumbnails are saved as smaller images. They could just have a separate button/window to edit thumbs and save the thumb over the existing img.
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JPG Image Thumb I've uploaded a JPEG image to several of my audio file pages. The images appear in the list of files as a .JPG, and if I click on the image file I find the picture, however the thumbnail image is NOT the full picture but only a tiny fraction of the picture.
M1 Garand and your Thumb -
M1 Garand and your Thumb. M 1 Thumb has been the center of rifle lore for many decades. For many it instills fear, others dread and for some just sore thumbs. The saying goes that there are two types of M1 Garand shooters.
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Smilie Like Smile Face Thum. 20 24 1. Thumb High Thumbs Up Finger
M-Thumb -
M-THUMB M-THUMB Shown connected to prosthetic socket M-THUMB Shown connected to prosthetic socket M-Thumb Instructions for use 1. If using a silicone socket, apply a small amount of water to limb to dampen skin. 2. Push limb in to prosthesis. 3. Adjust thumb to desired position.
The HTML Tag
Hotlinking to an image hosting service is just fine, and it's also reasonable to hotlink an image in a casual conversation on a forum or blog comment. But if an image is an integral part of your content (even if the content is a link to the image's original source), you really should save the image to your own server.
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Free image hosting and sharing service, upload pictures, photo host. Offers integration solutions for uploading images to forums.
Responsive JavaScript Lightbox - Magic Thumb. jQuery ...
Magic Thumb is a completely responsive image lightbox, more than that - it supports swipe gestures for a seamless mobile experience. We also support lazy-loading of big images, making Magic Thumb the perfect solution for your users on slow connections.