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Collaborate with anyone. From coworkers to clients, Huddle makes document collaboration simple and secure. In Huddle, teams can work together to share, discuss and work on their content.
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Hudl provides video review and performance analysis tools for sports teams and athletes at every level.
Huddle | Definition of Huddle by Merriam-Webster
Verb. We huddled around the campfire. The sheep huddled together for warmth. The students huddled over their desks. Union representatives are huddling to discuss the proposal.. Noun. sheep standing in a huddle The boss is in a huddle with the marketing director. The quarterback called the offense into a huddle.
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a conference, or consultation, especially a private meeting to discuss serious matters: The labor representatives have been in a huddle for two hours.
Huddle - Wikipedia
In sport, a huddle is an action of a team gathering together, usually in a tight circle, to strategize, motivate or celebrate. It is a popular strategy for keeping opponents insulated from sensitive information, and acts as a form of insulation when the level of noise in the venue is such that normal on-field communication is difficult.
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Player Movement 4d ago Antonio Brown traded to the Raiders March 10, 2019 · David Dorey. The “Big Chest” saga ends, or at least enters a new phase, with the trade of Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders.
HUDDLE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
huddle definition: 1. to come close together in a group, or to hold your arms and legs close to your body, especially because of cold or fear: 2. a small group of people or things that are close together: 3. to get into a group in order to talk secretly: . Learn more.
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In a football game, a huddle is a quick conference before a play.Huddle can also be a dense and disorganized crowd, like a group of people standing under an awning waiting for the rain to pass.
Melanie Zanona is a congressional reporter and Huddle author at POLITICO. Prior to joining the team in 2019, Melanie was a staff reporter for The Hill, where she primarily covered House leadership.
Huddle - definition of huddle by The Free Dictionary
A huddle is a form of communication that differs from a formal meeting and is described as a brief, frequent, and consistent communication among healthcare members to achieve common goals, such as patient safety, staff satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and positive health outcomes (Fogarty & Schultz, 2010; Goldenhar, Brady, Sutcliffe, & Muething, 2013; Setaro & Connolly, 2011; Shermont et al.