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Hierarchy - Wikipedia
Hierarchies have their own special vocabulary. These terms are easiest to understand when a hierarchy is diagrammed (see below).. In an organizational context, the following terms are often used related to hierarchies: Object: one entity (e.g., a person, department or concept or element of arrangement or member of a set); System: the entire set of objects that are being arranged hierarchically ...
Hierarchical | Definition of Hierarchical by Merriam-Webster
The report recommends 15 solutions, calling on universities to foster diverse, inclusive environments; diffuse hierarchical relationships between trainees and faculty members; and provide better support services on campus, among other things. — katie reilly, Time, "Report Calls for Widespread Change to Combat Sexual Harassment in Academia," 14 June 2018
Social dominance theory - Wikipedia
Social dominance theory (SDT) is a theory of intergroup relations that focuses on the maintenance and stability of group-based social hierarchies. According to the theory, group-based inequalities are maintained through three primary intergroup behaviors—specifically institutional discrimination, aggregated individual discrimination, and behavioral asymmetry.
In situfabrication of hierarchically porous g-C3N4 and ...
A novel strategy is proposed to in situ synthesize hierarchically porous g-C 3 N 4 foam (FCN) with no carbon residue by low-cost polyurethane sponge as single template. The porous system consists of interconnected micron- (1–2 μm) and nano-scale (20–80 nm) pores, which is usually constructed tediously.
Allow Merged Dictionaries hierarchically merging — Xamarin ...
Please, see details by links. Yes, Merged Dictionaries added by Adam, but there is not support hierarchically merging, only one level (see Adam’s comment on bugzilla).
From nano to micro to macro: Electrospun hierarchically ...
From nano to micro to macro: Electrospun hierarchically structured polymeric fibers for biomedical applications
Principles of Organization - CommNet
It's the same with writing. With any given group of ideas and details, you might use any of a number of principles of organization, and any one of them would help you and your reader.
Employee & Team Empowerment through Trust | Wavelength
How can you empower your team? Asana co-founder Justin Rosenstein shares his expertise on creating team empowerment and employee trust.
Christ Founded a Visible Church | Called to Communion
One of the most fundamental differences between the Protestant and Catholic ecclesial paradigms concerns the nature of the Church that Christ founded.
History of Evolution | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The word "evolution" in its broadest sense refers to change or growth that occurs in a particular order. Although this broad version of the term would include astronomical evolution and the evolution of computer design, this article focuses on the evolution of biological organisms. That use of the ...