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The greetings of friends on the platforms at the different stations only made him sigh. She was well, my fair lord, and sent her service and greetings to you.
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Common English Greetings and Expressions. English-speaking people usually greet each other in an informal way, so you can use these common conversational greetings for friends, family, as well as people you meet in casual settings.
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Looking for inspiration? Here you go. ... Published on: Jan 30, 2018. CHANNELS
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greet·ing (grē′tĭng) n. A word or gesture of welcome or salutation. greeting (ˈɡriːtɪŋ) n 1. the act or an instance of welcoming or saluting on meeting 2. (often plural) a. an expression of friendly salutation b. (as modifier): a greetings card. greet•ing (ˈgri tɪŋ) n. 1. the act or words of one who greets; salutation. 2. greetings, an ...
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Directed by Brian De Palma. With Jonathan Warden, Robert De Niro, Gerrit Graham, Richard Hamilton. An offbeat, episodic film about three friends, Paul, a shy love-seeker, Lloyd, a vibrant conspiracy nut, and Jon, an aspiring filmmaker and peeping tom. The film satirizes free-love, the Kennedy assassination, Vietnam, and amateur filmmaking.
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To Whom It May Concern: This is used in business correspondence where you don't have a specific person to whom you are writing.You might use this when making an inquiry or when applying for a job where you don’t know the name of the person leading the candidate search. Nonetheless, you should make every effort to find the name of someone in the specific department that you are interested in ...
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Anniversary. Whether it is a wedding anniversary or a friendversary, find the perfect quotes, messages, ideas and cards for your special people.
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Send free ecards from American Greetings quick and easy in minutes! Our online greeting cards are perfect for any occasion and a great way to show you care!