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MySQL Gotchas -
In SQL NULL represents the the absence of a value. In MySQL an explicit NULL may also represent the next value of a pseudo-sequence and an implicit NULL may represent an implicit default value (a zero or empty string) determined by MySQL.
NFS: Overview and Gotchas -
Note that in the preceding example, runlevels 3, 4, and 5 say "on". That means that at boot, for runlevels 3, 4 and 5, the portmap daemon is started automatically.
16 Common JavaScript Gotchas – Standardista
We all know that JavaScript can trip you up. Here are a 16 common traps that can trip you up when coding javascript. You likely know most of the code on the page, but if you keep these 16 gotchas in your mind, coding and debugging will be less of a headache:
Oracle 11g release 2 upgrade performance problems
Question: I saved a heap of problem with your 10g upgrade gotchas and I wonder what perils await me as I prepare to migrate to Oracle 11g r2? Answer: There are several 11g release 2 upgrade gotchas, dealing with direct read issues.Also see MOSC Note 1392633.1 titled "Things to Consider Before Upgrading to to Avoid Poor Performance or Wrong Results".
7 Shocking Legal Gotchas That Can Shut Down Your Online ...
7 Shocking Legal Gotchas That Can Shut Down Your Online Business In A Single Day: And What To Do About It! [Chip Cooper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. All the new “Rules of the Road” are important… But there are at least 7 Legal Gotchas that can Shut Down Your online business in a single day! And ignorance is NO EXCUSE!!
Gotchas — Fortran90 1.0 documentation
C/Fortran Interoperability of Logical¶. The Fortran standard specifies, that the Fortran type logical(c_bool) and C type bool are interoperable (as long as c_bool returns some positive integer). Unfortunately, for some compilers one must enable this behavior with a specific (non-default) option.
PostgreSQL | TO_DATE() / TO_TIMESTAMP() gotchas
Thanks for posting this. Reminded me to go back and review an Oracle conversion we'd done and sure enough I found 3 places where people had used TO_DATE and we're losing timestamp data.
ASP.NET Core and CORS Gotchas - Rick Strahl's Web Log
CORS is a requirement for cross domain XHR calls, and when you use Angular 2.0 default dev server and talk to an ASP.NET Core application you'll need to use CORS to get XHR to talk across the domain boundaries. Here's how to set up CORS and how to test it.
Windows Azure Startup Tasks: Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas ...
In my last post, I gave a brief introduction to Windows Azure startup tasks and how to build one.The reason I’ve been thinking lately about startup tasks is that I’ve been writing them and helping other people write them. In fact, this blog is currently running on Ruby in Windows Azure, and this is only possible because of an elevated startup task that installs Application Request Routing ...
bcp utility gotchas - tsunami
Request for help Let me know about any incorrect or missing information, so that this page can be a most excellent reference for bcp error messages and whatnot. Notes ...