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JavaScript getFullYear() Method - W3Schools
Definition and Usage. The getFullYear() method returns the year (four digits for dates between year 1000 and 9999) of the specified date.
JavaScript getFullYear() 方法 -
定义和用法. getFullYear() 方法可返回一个表示年份的 4 位数字。 语法 dateObject.getFullYear() 返回值. 当 dateObject 用本地时间表示时返回的年份。
What's the difference between JavaScript's getYear() and ...
I was working with JavaScript's Date object, and somewhere for the first time I needed to extract the year part of the date. What I saw was a weird behavior. It returns 113 instead of 2013 and I ca...
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DST JavaScript - MRE Software
Below is another script that actually determines if the user's computer is observing DST. It works by using a time shifting trick. It determines the time zone shift relationship between January and July which indicates the user's hemisphere.
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日付(Date) -
指定した時刻を表す日付オブジェクトを生成します。月は 0~11 の範囲で指定してください。
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Creating an IsDate() Function in JavaScript - Blogger
Anonymous said... OK, so a little debugging and tweaking to make it work in IE8... // A function that checks that a date string is a real date