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Continued Feet Tests. Physical exam: A doctor may look for swelling, deformity, pain, discoloration, or skin changes to help diagnose a foot problem.
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The foot is the lowermost point of the human leg. The foot’s shape, along with the body’s natural balance-keeping systems, make humans capable of not only walking, but also running, climbing ...
Foot | Definition of Foot by Merriam-Webster
3: any of various units of length based on the length of the human foot especially: a unit equal to ¹/₃ yard and comprising 12 inches — plural foot used between a number and a noun a 10-foot pole — plural feet or foot used between a number and an adjective 6 feet tall — see Weights and Measures Table
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foot top: a human foot bottom: on a sewing machine foot (fo͝ot) n. pl. feet (fēt) 1. The lower extremity of the vertebrate leg that is in direct contact with the ground in standing or walking. 2. A structure used for locomotion or attachment in an invertebrate animal, such as the muscular organ extending from the ventral side of a mollusk. 3 ...
Foot (Anatomy): Bones, Ligaments, Muscles, Tendons, Arches ...
The foot is a part of vertebrate anatomy which serves the purpose of supporting the animal’s weight and allowing for locomotion on land.
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foot definition: 1. the part of the body at the bottom of the leg on which a person or animal stands: 2. to stand up after you have been sitting: 3. walking: . Learn more.
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The foot (plural feet) is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates.It is the terminal portion of a limb which bears weight and allows locomotion.In many animals with feet, the foot is a separate organ at the terminal part of the leg made up of one or more segments or bones, generally including claws or nails.
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Diagram including the foot of a piece of type.a face, b body or shank, c point size, 1 shoulder, 2 nick, 3 groove, 4 foot.
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Did you know that your foot is composed of 26 bones that form two crossing arches of the foot. The ankles of your foot are formed by the interaction of the foot and your lower leg.