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網址拍賣中. 親愛的會員(訪客)您好, 若您對此網址有興趣,可以至以下位置進行競標 ...
Domain Name Search | Advanced Domain Search Tool - GoDaddy
As soon as you register a domain with GoDaddy or any other registrar, your personal information is displayed in a public directory. Hackers and spammers often use this to compile email lists and steal domains.
Excel hyperlink not redirecting properly (bug?) - Super User
I ran into the same problem with a URL that requires authentication. If you click from an Excel spreadsheet to a URL that requires you to be logged in to a cookie-based session, most sites will redirect the Microsoft Discovery Agent to a login page.
Kollra foolishly hired ATurd based upon advice from Lynch. Lynch who has his own problems percolating created an opponent for Kollra. In otherwords, “but for ATurd” Kollra would not have drawn opposition.