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Somewhere between 1267 and 1280 the Castle had been destroyed and rebuilt. The tent caterpillar, which is easily seen, should be destroyed at once.
Destroyed - definition of destroyed by The Free Dictionary
1. To break apart the structure of, render physically unusable, or cause to cease to exist as a distinguishable physical entity: The fire destroyed the library. The tumor was destroyed with a laser.
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1. Destroy, demolish, raze imply reducing a thing to uselessness. To destroy is to reduce something to nothingness or to take away its powers and functions so that restoration is impossible: Fire destroys a building. Disease destroys tissues. To demolish is to destroy something organized or structured: to demolish a machine. To raze is to level down to the ground: to raze a fortress.
Destroy | Definition of Destroy by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. The Camp Fire destroyed nearly 10,000 homes in California. — Umair Irfan, Vox, "What we learned from the disasters that hammered the US in 2018," 27 Dec. 2018 The 153,000-acre Camp Fire in November destroyed about 14,000 homes and killed at least 86 people, including in Paradise, Calif., was both the most destructive and most deadly in California history.
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Consider, I said, Glaucon, that even the badness of food, whether staleness, decomposition, or any other bad quality, when confined to the actual food, is not supposed to destroy the body; although, if the badness of food communicates corruption to the body, then we should say that the body has been destroyed by a corruption of itself, which is disease, brought on by this; but that the body ...
Destroy - definition of destroy by The Free Dictionary
Synonyms: destroy, raze, demolish, ruin, wreck These verbs mean to cause the complete ruin or wreckage of something or someone. Destroy, raze, and demolish can all imply reduction to ruins or even complete obliteration: "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness" (Allen Ginsberg)."raze what was left of the city from the surface of the earth" (John Lothrop Motley).
Destroyed: How the trashing of rape kits failed victims ...
A CNN investigation found that law enforcement agencies across the country destroyed hundreds of rape kits tied to cases that could still be prosecuted.
Moby - Destroyed - Music
2011 album from the Electronic artist, producer and DJ. With Destroyed, Moby introduces the listener to the strange and disconcerting life of touring that is not often exposed -- the time spent isolated in anonymous, mundane hotel rooms, airports, and backstage waiting areas.
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The Yemeni navy's statement came after the Yemeni army and popular forces targeted and destroyed an Emirati warship in the waters near Bab al-Mandab Strait on Saturday.
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(transitive) To damage beyond use or repair. The earthquake destroyed several apartment complexes.· (intransitive) To cause destruction. Hooligans destroy unprovoked.· (transitive) To neutralize, undo a property or condition. Smoking destroys the natural subtlety of the palate. (transitive) To put down or euthanize. Destroying a rabid dog ...