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Dependencies definition, the state of being dependent; dependence. See more.
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As for the thoughts of many other objects external to me, as of the sky, the earth, light, heat, and a thousand more, I was less at a loss to know whence these came; for since I remarked in them nothing which seemed to render them superior to myself, I could believe that, if these were true, they were dependencies on my own nature, in so far as it possessed a certain perfection, and, if they ...
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Standard types of dependencies. There are four standard types of dependencies: Finish to start (FS) A FS B means "activity A must finish before activity B can begin" (or "B can't start until A has finished"). (Foundations dug) FS (Concrete poured) Finish to finish (FF)
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The planned expansion to 890,000 barrels a day could open up exports to growing markets in Asia, lessening Canada’s almost exclusive dependency on the U.S. as a market for its oil. — michael bellusci,, "For Sale: Stalled Pipeline Project, Protesters Included," 18 May 2018
Understanding Task Dependencies in Project Management
Project management dependencies, and task relationships with online project management software.
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Computer science. Dependency (computer science) or coupling, a state in which one object uses a function of another object Data dependency, which describes a dependence relation between statements in a program; Dependence analysis, in compiler theory; Dependency (UML), a relationship between one element in the Unified Modeling Language Dependency relation, a type of binary relation in ...
What are Dependencies in Project Management?
What are dependencies in project management, how are they related to constraints, what are the different types of dependencies and more.
Understanding Project and Task Dependencies
Project Managers work to understanding relationships or dependencies between tasks on a project. These dependencies impact resources and scheduling
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Dependencies. Very few applications are fully self-contained, but rather they use external libraries and frameworks to do their work. Meson makes it very easy to find and use external dependencies.