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Denounce | Definition of Denounce by Merriam-Webster
Choose the Right Synonym for denounce. criticize, reprehend, censure, reprobate, condemn, denounce mean to find fault with openly. criticize implies finding fault especially with methods or policies or intentions. criticized the police for using violence reprehend implies both criticism and severe rebuking. reprehends the self-centeredness of today's students censure carries a strong ...
Denounce | Define Denounce at
verb (used with object), de·nounced, de·nounc·ing. to condemn or censure openly or publicly: to denounce a politician as morally corrupt. to make a formal accusation against, as to the police or in a court. to give formal notice of the termination or denial of (a treaty, pact, agreement, or the like).
Denounce - definition of denounce by The Free Dictionary
Well, then, I should say, for instance," resumed Danglars, "that if after a voyage such as Dantes has just made, in which he touched at the Island of Elba, some one were to denounce him to the king's procureur as a Bonapartist agent" --
Denounce Synonyms, Denounce Antonyms - Merriam-Webster
3 to express public or formal disapproval of . the governor has denounced the courtʼs decision and vows to press for a constitutional amendment
Denounce Synonyms, Denounce Antonyms |
And had not I, unworthy and far-removed from them, sin to denounce? I denounce this person as a liar, and impeach him as a coward. It is absurd to denounce the majority of mankind as below the average of mankind.
denounce - Dictionary Definition :
To denounce is to tattle, rat out, or speak out against something. When you stand on your desk and tell the class that your partner is cheating, you denounce him or her.
DENOUNCE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
denounce definition: 1. to criticize something or someone strongly and publicly: 2. to accuse someone publicly of being something that is bad or wrong: 3. to criticize someone or something strongly and publicly: . Learn more.
Denounce legal definition of denounce - Legal Dictionary
Another protest was organized in Istanbul by supports of Beshiktash FC to denounce the massacre committed by terrorists in the town of Eshtabraq in Syria and condemn the role played by the Justice and Development Party government in this massacre.
Denounce - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
denounce (one) as (something) To openly disparage one as something. If you denounce the councilman as a liar, you better have evidence to support your claim. See also: denounce denounce (one) for (something) To openly disparage one for something that they have done. If you denounce the councilman for lying, then you better have evidence to support your ...
Denounce definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Used Occasionally. denounce is one of the 30000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary