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Deficit | Definition of Deficit by Merriam-Webster
The government is facing a deficit of $3 billion. We will reduce the federal budget deficit. The team overcame a four-point deficit to win the game. She has a slight hearing deficit in her left ear.
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Deficit definition, the amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required amount. See more.
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A deficit is the amount by which a resource falls short. It is a term most often used to describe the difference between cash inflows and outflows.
Current US Federal Budget Deficit: Causes, Effects
The deficit is 18 percent greater than last year. The FY 2018 budget created a $833 billion deficit. Spending of $4.173 was more than the estimated $3.340 revenue. Three Reasons for the Current Budget Deficit Many people blame the deficits on entitlement programs. But that's not supported by the ...
Deficit by Year: Compared to GDP, Debt, and Events
The deficit should be compared to the country's ability to pay it back. That ability is measured by gross domestic product. For example, the deficit in 1945 was only $48 billion. But it was 20.8 percent of total economic output as the country geared up for World War II. The record-setting 2009 ...
Deficit - Wikipedia
A deficit is the amount by which a sum falls short of some reference amount.
Deficit - definition of deficit by The Free Dictionary
def·i·cit (dĕf′ĭ-sĭt) n. 1. a. Inadequacy or insufficiency: a deficit in grain production. b. A deficiency or impairment in mental or physical functioning. 2. a. The amount by which a sum of money falls short of the required or expected amount; a shortage: large budget deficits. b. A business loss. 3. An amount that quantifies an unfavorable ...
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Budget Deficit Jumps Nearly 17% in 2018
WASHINGTON — The federal budget deficit swelled to $779 billion in fiscal year 2018, the Treasury Department said on Monday, driven in large part by a sharp decline in corporate tax revenues ...
US budget deficit jumps 17% in 2018 - CNN
The federal government spent $779 billion more than it took in this year, up 17% from last year