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Decomposition is the process by which organic substances are broken down into a more simple organic matter. The process is a part of the nutrient cycle and is essential for recycling the finite matter that occupies physical space in the biosphere.Bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after death.Animals, such as worms, also help decompose the organic materials.
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Contemporary Examples. of decomposition. Part of the decomposition process causes bodies to bloat and blood to sometimes seep from the mouth.
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Choose the Right Synonym for decompose. decay, decompose, rot, putrefy, spoil mean to undergo destructive dissolution. decay implies a slow change from a state of soundness or perfection. a decaying mansion decompose stresses a breaking down by chemical change and when applied to organic matter a corruption. the strong odor of decomposing vegetation rot is a close synonym of decompose and ...
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2. The process of decaying or rotting. Decomposition of dead organic matter is brought about by the activity of certain bacteria and fungi feeding on it.
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the unmistakable smell of decomposition led us to some fruit that had fallen behind the refrigerator Synonyms of decomposition breakdown , corruption , decay , festering , putrefaction , putrescence , rot , spoilage
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Decomposition or rotting, the breakdown of organic matter usually by bacterial action, resulting in the formation of other substances of less complex constitution with the evolution of ammonia or its derivatives and hydrogen sulfide; characterized usually by the presence of toxic or malodorous products.
What Are the Four Stages of Human Decomposition?
Human decomposition is a natural process involving the breakdown of tissues after death. While the rate of human decomposition varies due to several factors, including weather, temperature, moisture, pH and oxygen levels, cause of death, and body position, all human bodies follow the same four stages of human decomposition.. What are the Four Stages of Human Decomposition?
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Other articles where Decomposition is discussed: soap and detergent: Raw materials: …and, because the foam retards biological degradation of organic material in sewage, it caused problems in sewage-water regeneration systems. In countries where sewage water is used for irrigation, the foam was also a problem. Intensive research in the 1960s led to changes in the alkylbenzene sulfonate molecules.
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Chemical decomposition, analysis or breakdown is the separation of a single chemical compound into its two or more elemental parts or to simpler compounds. Chemical decomposition is usually regarded and defined as the exact opposite of chemical synthesis.In short, the chemical reaction in which two or more products are formed from a single reactant is called a decomposition reaction.