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Cursory | Definition of Cursory by Merriam-Webster
Only a cursory inspection of the building's electrical wiring was done. The mayor gave a cursory glance at the report. Even the most cursory look at the organization's records shows problems.
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Cursory - definition of cursory by The Free Dictionary
The incident gave me considerable food for speculation, since if I were right in the conclusion induced by the cursory glimpse I had had of the spy, then Matai Shang and Thurid must suspect my identity, and if that were true not even the service I had rendered Kulan Tith could save me from his religious fanaticism.
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An example of cursory is when you only look over your notes for two minutes before a test instead of studying.
Cursory definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Cursory definition: A cursory glance or examination is a brief one in which you do not pay much attention to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
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Director Lee Tamahori was an unfortunate choice for director since a cursory look at his credits (``Mulholland Falls,'' ``The Edge,'' ``Along Came a Spider'') reveals a distressingly flat filmmaker lacking the grace and panache that's needed to keep Bond light on his feet.
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‘But even the most cursory of glances at The Canterbury Tales will convince you that this is hardly new.’ ‘Believe it or not, there wasn't a single piece worth more than a cursory glance.’
Cursory Synonyms, Cursory Antonyms - Merriam-Webster
superficial, shallow, cursory mean lacking in depth or solidity. superficial implies a concern only with surface aspects or obvious features.. a superficial analysis of the problem; shallow is more generally derogatory in implying lack of depth in knowledge, reasoning, emotions, or character.. a light, shallow, and frivolous review cursory suggests a lack of thoroughness or a neglect of details.
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Cursory dates to the early 17th century, from the French word cursoire meaning "rapid," which comes from the Latin word "cursorius," meaning "hasty, of a race or running." Something that is cursory is done quickly, like a teacher who takes a cursory look at a pile of completed tests, not to grade them, but to see if anyone attempted the bonus questions.
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