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The cravat (/ k r ə ˈ v æ t /) is a neckband, the forerunner of the modern tailored necktie and bow tie, originating from a style worn by members of the seventeenth-century military unit known as the Croats.. From the end of the sixteenth century, the term band applied to any long-strip neckcloth that was not a ruff.The ruff, a starched, pleated white linen strip, originated earlier in the ...
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noun. necktie (defs 1, 2).; a cloth, often made of or trimmed with lace, worn about the neck by men especially in the 17th century. Medicine/Medical. a bandage made by folding a triangular piece of material into a band, used temporarily for a fracture or wound. Cravat
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What’s the Difference Between an Ascot and a Cravat? - ABC ...
What’s an ascot, what’s a cravat and what’s the difference? Spend enough time reading about men’s fashion and you’ll run across these terms in discussions of neckwear.
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At these words he rose, and put off his frock-coat and cravat, went towards a table on which lay his son's toilet articles, lathered his face, took a razor, and, with a firm hand, cut off the compromising whiskers.
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CRAVAT. Basically, the cravat is any cloth that you tie around your neck for decorative purposes. As such, it’s the forefather of the tie, the bow tie, scarves, and even ascots.Think of it as an umbrella term for everything that you wear around your neck.
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He lies under suspicion of having poisoned the stable-boy, he was undoubtedly out in the storm, he was armed with a heavy stick, and his cravat was found in the dead man's hand.
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cra·vat (krə-văt′) n. A scarf or band of fabric worn around the neck as a tie. [French cravate, necktie worn by Croatian mercenaries in the service of France, from Cravate, a Croatian, from German dialectal Krabate, from Serbo-Croatian Hrvāt.] cravat or cravate n (Clothing & Fashion) a scarf of silk or fine wool, worn round the neck, esp by men ...