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Combinatory logic - Wikipedia
Combinatory logic is a notation to eliminate the need for quantified variables in mathematical logic.It was introduced by Moses Schönfinkel and Haskell Curry, and has more recently been used in computer science as a theoretical model of computation and also as a basis for the design of functional programming languages.
CSS Combinators - W3Schools
A combinator is something that explains the relationship between the selectors. A CSS selector can contain more than one simple selector. Between the simple selectors, we can include a combinator. The general sibling selector selects all elements that are siblings of a specified element ...
Fixed-point combinator - Wikipedia
Overview. The Y combinator is an implementation of a fixed-point combinator in lambda calculus. Fixed-point combinators may also be easily defined in other functional and imperative languages.
Selectors Level 4 - World Wide Web Consortium
Abstract. Selectors are patterns that match against elements in a tree, and as such form one of several technologies that can be used to select nodes in a document. Selectors have been optimized for use with HTML and XML, and are designed to be usable in performance-critical code.
Y Combinator
Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups. Twice a year we invest in a large number of startups.
SitePoint CSS – Learn CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Sass, LESS & more
Learn CSS - CSS3 online tutorials, learn Bootstrap, Sass & LESS from the experts
Lambda-Calculus and Combinators: An Introduction 2, J ...
Lambda-Calculus and Combinators: An Introduction - Kindle edition by J. Roger Hindley, Jonathan P. Seldin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.
Parsing in Python: all the tools and libraries you can use
This is an article similar to a previous one we wrote: Parsing in Java, so the introduction is the same. Skip to chapter 3 if you have already read it. If you need to parse a language, or document, from Python there are fundamentally three ways to solve the problem: use an existing library ...
Chapter 16. Using Parsec - Real World Haskell
We promised you earlier that we could simplify our CSV parser significantly by using a few Parsec helper functions. There are two that will dramatically simplify this code.
Y Combinator's Xerox Alto: restoring the legendary 1970s ...
Alan Kay recently gave his 1970's Xerox Alto to Y Combinator and I'm helping with the restoration of this legendary system. The Alto was the first computer designed around a graphical user interface and introduced Ethernet and the laser printer[1] to the world. The Alto also was one of the first ...