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Intel Chipset Products
Get the essential features you need—from the data center to the network edge. Choose chipsets for extreme power and performance, for consumers and enthusiasts, or for the enterprise.
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Chipsets are usually designed to work with a specific family of microprocessors. Because it controls communications between the processor and external devices, the chipset plays a crucial role in determining system performance.
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Chipsets. Prev NEXT . The northbridge and southbridge Photo courtesy HowStuffWorks Shopper. The chipset is the "glue" that connects the microprocessor to the rest of the motherboard and therefore to the rest of the computer. On a ...
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The tradeoffs between these chipsets are apparent: with each ascending chipset, you have a choice of better CPUs, RAM, and graphics options, not to mention more of each. But the costs rises appreciably as well.
Intel® Desktop Chipsets
Mainstream chipsets run popular applications, support UHD video, audio, and image editing, and run today’s modern games without lag. Performance chipsets deliver superior audio and digital video, and ultimate power for content creation, advanced applications, and high-end gaming.
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Newer chipsets generally include functions provided by two or more older chipsets. In some cases, older chipsets that required two or more physical chips can be replaced with a chipset on one chip . The term is often used to refer to the core functionality of a motherboard .
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These chipsets can include instructions that help control the CPU, PCI, ISA, or USB hardware. They are often divided into a multitiered architecture referred to as North bridge and South bridge, as well as a Super I/O chip. An example of a recent Intel chipset is the i820 or the Intel 820 chipset. Chipset drivers
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Socket AM3+ Chipsets for AMD FX™ Processors AMD 9-series chipsets empower AMD FX™, the world’s first native eight core desktop processors from AMD, with the support of the latest device technologies for an easy, seamless PC experience and AMD OverDrive™ software for overclocking adjustments and hardware monitoring.
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Join Mike Meyers for an in-depth discussion in this video, Chipsets, part of CompTIA A+ (220-901) Cert Prep: 2 Core Hardware.