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Cartography (/ k ɑːr ˈ t ɒ ɡ r ə f i /; from Greek χάρτης chartēs, "papyrus, sheet of paper, map"; and γράφειν graphein, "write") is the study and practice of making maps.
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Cartographers and photogrammetrists collect, measure, and interpret geographic information in order to create and update maps and charts for regional planning, education, emergency response, and other purposes.
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Cartographer definition is ... with the North Pole at the center and lines of longitude radiating outward from there—what modern cartographers call a polar ...
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Cartographer definition, a person engaged in cartography, or the production of maps. See more.
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Cartography is the study of map making and cartographers are map makers.
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What is a Cartographer? Cartographers draw maps for a living. And maps are used for more than just atlases. You’ll find them in newspapers, helping readers make sense of a complicated issue.
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Not much is known of Louis Denis (1725-1794) the mid-18th century engraver, cartographer and publisher active in Paris during the age of the miniature atlas.
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Unless you’re the one guy in America who actually asks for directions, you’ve probably broken down and used a map at some point in your life. The cartographer is the person you should thank for getting you un-lost — the mapmaker.
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Welcome! The Cartographers’ Guild is a forum created by and for map makers and aficionados, a place where every aspect of cartography can be admired, examined, learned, and discussed.
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Cartographers spend most of their time using computers while working in offices. They typically do fieldwork to collect and verify data used in creating maps.