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Bisect | Definition of Bisect by Merriam-Webster
When you bisect something you are cutting it in two. The word bisect itself will tell you that if you know Latin. The word was formed in English, but it came from two Latin elements.
Bisect | Define Bisect at
Bisect definition, to cut or divide into two equal or nearly equal parts. See more.
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Git - git-bisect Documentation
git-bisect - Use binary search to find the commit that introduced a bug
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Nonagon - Wikipedia
In geometry, a nonagon / ˈ n ɒ n ə ɡ ɒ n / (or enneagon / ˈ ɛ n iː ə ɡ ɒ n /) is a nine-sided polygon or 9-gon.. The name "nonagon" is a prefix hybrid formation, from Latin (nonus, "ninth" + gonon), used equivalently, attested already in the 16th century in French nonogone and in English from the 17th century.
BISECTIONS - themathpage
BISECTIONS Book I. Propositions 9 and 10. Proposition 9 . Proposition 10. W E WILL NOW solve the problem of bisecting an angle, that is, dividing it into two equal angles, and of bisecting a straight line.
NIntegrate Integration Strategies—Wolfram Language ...
An integration strategy is an algorithm that attempts to compute integral estimates that satisfy user-specified precision or accuracy goals. An integration strategy normally prescribes how to manage and create new elements of a set of disjoint subregions of the initial integral region.
Origins of the Compass Rose - The GISnet Website
The compass rose has appeared on charts and maps since the 1300's when the portolan charts first made their appearance. The term "rose" comes from the figure's compass points resembling the petals of the well-known flower.
Constructions and Loci assessment by reb1990 - Teaching ...
Assessment on constructing triangles, bisections, perpendicular lines and loci. Levels 6a-8c.