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In the usual nomenclature, one adds the term "amide" to the stem of the parent acid's name. For instance, the amide derived from acetic acid is named acetamide (CH 3 CONH 2).IUPAC recommends ethanamide, but this and related formal names are rarely encountered.When the amide is derived from a primary or secondary amine, the substituents on nitrogen are indicated first in the name.
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Amide: Amide,, any member of either of two classes of nitrogen-containing compounds related to ammonia and amines. The covalent amides are neutral or very weakly acidic substances formed by replacement of the hydroxyl group (OH) of an acid by an amino group (NR2, in which R may represent a hydrogen atom
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: an organic compound derived from ammonia or an amine by replacement of an atom of hydrogen with an acyl group — compare imide —
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2. The anion of ammonia, NH 2-or a compound containing this anion, such as sodium amide, NaNH 2. [am(monia) + -ide.]
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Amide definition, a metallic derivative of ammonia in which the −NH2 group is retained, as potassium amide, KNH2. See more.
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The remainder of this article is about the carbonyl-nitrogen sense of amide.For examples of the anionic amide, see the articles Sodium amide and Lithium diisopropylamide.
Amide Definition and Examples in Chemistry
This is the definition of an amide in chemistry, along with a look at examples of amides and their uses.
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amide (plural amides) (organic chemistry) Any derivative of an oxoacid in which the hydroxyl group has been replaced with an amino or substituted amino group; especially such derivatives of a carboxylic acid, the carboxamides.
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