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An amide (/ ˈ æ m aɪ d / or / ˈ æ m ɪ d / or / ˈ eɪ m aɪ d /), also known as an acid amide, is a compound with the functional group R n E(O) x NR′ 2 (R and R′ refer to H or organic groups). Most common are carboxamides (organic amides) (n = 1, E = C, x = 1), but many other important types of amides are known, including phosphoramides (n = 2, E = P, x = 1 and many related formulas ...
Amide | Definition of Amide by Merriam-Webster
1: an inorganic compound derived from ammonia by replacement of an atom of hydrogen with another element (such as a metal)
Amide Definition and Examples in Chemistry
This is the definition of an amide in chemistry, along with a look at examples of amides and their uses.
Amide - definition of amide by The Free Dictionary
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Amide | Define Amide at
noun Chemistry.. a metallic derivative of ammonia in which the −NH 2 group is retained, as potassium amide, KNH 2.; an organic compound obtained by replacing the −OH group in acids by the −NH 2 group.; an organic compound formed from ammonia by replacing a hydrogen atom by an acyl group.
Amide | definition of amide by Medical dictionary
amide [am´īd] any compound derived from ammonia by substitution of an acyl radical for hydrogen, or from an acid by replacing the -OH group by -NH2. am·ide , primary amidesecondary amidetertiary amide (am'īd, am'id), A substance derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms with acyl groups, R-CO-NH2. Replacement of one hydrogen atom results in ...
Amide dictionary definition | amide defined
Acid-amide; acid-hydrazide.They are prepared by condensing thio-amides with a-haloid ketones or aldehydes, the thio-amide reacting as the tautomeric thio-imino acid.CYANAMIDE, NC NH 2j the amide of normal cyanic acid, obtained by the action of ammonia on cyanogen chloride, bromide or iodide, or by the desulphurization of thio-urea with, mercuric oxide; it is generally prepared by the latter ...
Secondary amide | definition of secondary amide by Medical ...
A substance derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms with acyl groups, R-CO-NH 2.Replacement of one hydrogen atom results in formation of a primary amide; of two hydrogen atoms, a secondary amide; and of three hdyrogen atoms, a tertiary amide.
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-amide | Origin and meaning of -amide by Online Etymology ...
-amide . also amide, in chemical use, 1850, word-forming element denoting a compound obtained by replacing one hydrogen atom in ammonia with an element or radical, from French amide, from ammonia + -ide.