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An adage—such as "The early bird gets the worm"—is a condensed and memorable expression. Often it's a type of metaphor. "It is sometimes claimed that the expression old adage is redundant," say the editors of the American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style,"inasmuch as a saying must have a certain tradition behind it to count as an adage in the first place.
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Historical Examples. of adages "Avoid a man who neither drinks nor smokes," was one of Don's adages.
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Recent Examples on the Web. There's an old adage about running for office: when a person runs, their whole family runs along with them. — Lauren Hubbard, Town & Country, "How John McCain's Children Were Shaped by His Political Career," 27 Aug. 2018 Good pitching beats good hitting, or so the adage goes. — New York Times, "Yankees Offense Takes the Day Off Against Justin Verlander," 28 May ...
An adage (also called a proverb) is an old, short saying that is generally accepted to have some truth to it (although there are many contradictory adages).
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Famous Adages! Adages are short, but memorable sayings, based on an important fact of experience that is considered true by many people. Famous old adages have gained some credibility through their long use.
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Adage vs. Proverb. Both of these terms represent sayings that convey a deeper meaning. However, there are some differences between them. A proverb has a practical aspect, but it is a common belief that an adage is true to have been tested in various ages. The adage is a more general term than a proverb; therefore, proverbs could be adages, in the manner that Merriam Webster defines proverbs as ...
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famous proverbs and adages A HUGE collection of proverbs, proverbial sayings, clichés, maxims, adages, aphorisms, platitudes, mottos, old saws, inanities, common ...
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Clear definition and great examples of Adage. The term adage expresses a well-known and simple truth in a concise manner. Adages are also known as a proverbs or aphorisms.
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About. Wise Old Sayings is a database of thousands of inspirational, humorous, and thoughtful quotes, sorted by category for your enjoyment
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