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Call to protect historic Yemeni city of Zabid |
Zabid: Once Yemen’s capital and famed as an architectural marvel of early Islam, the town of Zabid is fighting to survive as a brutal war closes in on its fortified walls.
La cité historique de Zabid au Yémen est en péril - La Croix
Située sur la plaine côtière occidentale du Yémen, la cité de Zabid abrite un patrimoine remarquable, aujourd’hui menacé par la guerre...
Shibam - Wikipedia
Shibam (Arabic: شِـبَـام ‎, translit. Šibām), often referred to as Shibam Hadhramaut (Arabic: شِـبَـام حَـضْـرَمَـوْت ‎) is a town in Yemen.
List of cities in Yemen - Simple English Wikipedia, the ...
Cities in Yemen; Rank Name Population Governorate; Transcription Arabic Census 1994 Estimate 2005; 1. Sana'a: صنعاء: 954.448: 2.431.649: Sana'a (Capital District): 2. Ta'izz: تعز
Where is Yemen? / Where is Yemen Located in The World ...
Located in the continent of Asia. Yemen covers 527968.00 square kilometers of land and has a population of 24771809
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World Heritage List Statistics - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
The regions presented here are defined by UNESCO for its activities, and do not necessarily reflect the actual geographical location of countries.
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Sana'a - Wikipedia
Ancient period. Sana'a is one of the oldest populated places in the world. According to popular legend, it was founded by Shem, the son of Noah. It was known as "Azal" in ancient times, which has been connected to Uzal, a son of Qahtan, a great-grandson of Shem, in the biblical accounts of Genesis.
‘It’s a Slow Death’: The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis ...
Two and a half years of war and a crippling cholera outbreak have brought Yemen to the brink of collapse.