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(economics) A hypothetical unit measuring satisfaction.· (informal, computing) A utility. Where can I download free disk utils?··(anatomy) clitoris
Utility - Wikipedia
When cardinal utility is used, the magnitude of utility differences is treated as an ethically or behaviorally significant quantity. For example, suppose a cup of orange juice has utility of 120 utils, a cup of tea has a utility of 80 utils, and a cup of water has a utility of 40 utils.
Utils - definition of Utils by The Free Dictionary
b. A commodity or service, such as electricity, water, or public transportation, that is provided by a public utility.
Microeconomics: Assumptions and Utility - Investopedia
The decision-making process of the individual consumer is critically important in the study of microeconomics because consumer spending accounts for nearly 70% of the economy. Consumers also save ...
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The Utils class provides a set of utility methods that can be used to perform synchronization operations and create new objects.. The Utils class is derived from the System.Object class.. Public Methods. The Utils class has the following public methods.
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See for an example of the utils object.. Get all utils on one object. If you want all utils on a single object (e.g. not grouped by collection): // all utils are on the `_` property
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