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Transclusion - MediaWiki
Transclusion is generally the inclusion of the content of a document into another document by reference. In a Wikipedia context, it is the use of the template functionality of MediaWiki to include the same content in multiple documents without having to edit those documents separately.
Wikipedia:Transclusion - Wikipedia
Transclusion means the inclusion of the content of one document within another document by reference. In Wikipedia transclusion, the MediaWiki software will refer to the content of one page, the template, for inclusion into the content of any other page, the target page.
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Extension:Labeled Section Transclusion - MediaWiki
The Labeled Section Transclusion extension allows selective transclusion of marked-off sections of text, parsing wikitext as normal. Its functionality is similar to an enhanced version of the tag with normal wiki transclusion, which selects sections for inclusion. It is enabled on all ...
Wikipedia:Substitution - Wikipedia
This page in a nutshell: Substitution is the one-time, permanent copying of any content on Wikipedia.It differs from transclusion, which continually updates as the linked-to content changes.
Project Xanadu
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Knockout : Custom elements
This allows for a very modern, WebComponents-like way to organize your code, while retaining support for even very old browsers (see custom elements and IE 6 to 8). ...
TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook
TiddlyWiki gets a Gearhead rating of 6 out of 5 (it's that good). Finding code that works flawlessly after just two or three years is magical enough but after seven years?!
DocBook .org
Hello and welcome! This is the official home page for DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide.The definitive guide is the official documentation for DocBook.
Components Basics — Vue.js
Components are reusable Vue instances with a name: in this case, .We can use this component as a custom element inside a root Vue instance created with new Vue: